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In Which I Discuss (Pros and) Cons

*They are COOL. Come on, people.
*They are comfortable.
*You can get them dirty or draw on them, and they still look hip.
*No matter what color they are, they’re like a neutral: They go with everything.

*They make my feet cold (I have no idea why).
*They lack arch support.
*If I wear them for a long time, they’re not comfortable anymore.
*I can’t wear them with skirts like I’d like to, otherwise I look like I have cankles.

Day 4 of LaBloShoeMo: My Converse Chuck Taylors. The second most expensive pair of shoes I own (only my walking shoes cost more) (I believe I may have mentioned once or twice my lack of class in the shoe department)(Actually, that’s not right. I’m lying. I own a high-top pair of Cons that cost more than these). Shown here (in the top photo)(my, I’m overusing the parentheses this evening) with The Croodler’s muddy high tops which happen to be the same color (he wasn’t wearing them at the time (which is obvious))(what did I tell you about the parentheses? (I am hilarious (I think))).

Oh my. If anyone reads this, I am sorry. Not very, but a little bit.
Also, if anyone reads this, I love you. Please don’t unsubscribe, because that makes me stay up all night wondering what I said to make you leave. FeedBurner is the new crack. No joke.

We’re having Greek food tonight! I made hummus, tabouleh and tzatziki yesterday, and Smalls is makin’ piping hot pitas as I type. Must go help. And then feed. Woot!