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In Which I Reveal My Jealousy of My Younger Brother.
29 November 2007, 10:53 pm
Filed under: I Hate Being Single, I Never Sleep... Ever., I'm a Jerk

I really like the name Emma. There’s something sweet and simple and pretty about it. I have loved it for a long time… other names come and go on my (way-too-long) list of possible someday baby names, but this one has remained for years. (O Married One and The BFF: I hereby stake claim to the name Emma, though I be yet unmarried and highly unlikely to have a child anytime soon. I may have relinquished That Other E Name, since how can I name a child That-Which-Its-Soon-To-Be-Cousin-May-Very-Well-Be-Named? …But for the love of all that is nice, leave me Emma.)

The Croodler and Pippy and I just finished watching the A & E version of Emma, which is what brought all this to mind. I am infatuated with romantic stories from that era, be they in movie or book form, in part because it’s refreshing to absorb a story that tells its tale plainly, and isn’t rampant with innuendo or swearing.

That is all for tonight; I was up way too late last night reading, like an idiot. When am I going to learn how to go to bed on time? Alas, tonight is not that night, but at least it’s earlier (by a good three hours at least!) than last night.
Sweet dreams.

(Speaking of dreams, the last three nights I have had at least one dream that I’ve remembered upon waking. This never happens to me. It’s really strange. It’s not bad, it’s just weird. I’m wondering if it’s going to continue…)