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Knots In My Shoulders, And In My Mind.
15 December 2007, 12:50 am
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Bleh. I have a huge knot in the base-of-my-neck-slash-top-of-my-shoulder. I must’ve just slept wrong on it, because I know I haven’t done anything strenuous lately. If you have any tips on how to get it to GO AWAY ALREADY, please let me know.

I am pretty sure I’ve given up on LaBloShoeMo… I’m pretty sure that there’s no way I could’ve made it through the month anyway. Plus, I am almost positive that I don’t even have 31 pairs of shoes. Maybe I do, but they’re mainly different colors of Old Navy flipflops, and I think that’s sort of boring.

I’ve been making Christmas presents lately… I made my cousin a set of coasters, using old scratched-up CDs, corduroy and felt; I made his wife a purse; and crocheted their two daughters each a beanie. Then I made two more sets of coasters, because they’re really easy… just cut out the fabric, hot glue it around the CD and hot glue felt onto the back. It’s easy, and it’s CHEAP. Which is a must around these parts. I used old corduroy (an old pair of pants, some weird dress thing that I bought at Goodwill for like 99 cents, and the bottoms of a pair of pants that I cut off this summer into shorts) that I’ve had around forever [price: free or maybe 99 cents four years ago], and felt is the cheapest thing you could ever buy at a fabric store [20 cents per sheet, which makes four (FOUR!!) coasters]. Hot glue is a little more expensive… I bought a pack of 100 for $5.99, which is kind of a lot, but I’m sure I could’ve gotten it much cheaper if I drove way the crap out to WalMart, which I didn’t want to do because it means dealing with jammed traffic and holiday-crazed shoppers, and because it means dealing with WalMart (slogan: “Have ADD? Come On By– We’ll Make You Curl Into A Ball and Scream ‘Sensory Overload’ Around The Thumb You’ll Have Started Sucking Again”). So I just paid too much for it at the craft store, and lo! There was much rejoicing, for I did not have to enter WalMart (slogan: “Welcome to Hell”). I’ll try to post some pictures, and maybe a tutorial later on… if I get around to it. I’m not makin’ any promises.

I’m off to bed… I’m singing tomorrow, so I have to be at church early.


In Which I Share Yet Another Pair of Shoes.
6 December 2007, 11:29 pm
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These shoes were purchased at Goodwill in Indiana. My cousin took me shoppin’ and we each bought a pair of the same shoes– only hers are white. I think it’s pretty cool, and all for less than $5. Actually, I’m pretty sure they were like two bucks… I think they were having some sort of half-off sale or something.

Yet another pair of shoes that I never wear, because I’m too busy wearing flipflops.

This is a quickie, because I’m taking my friend to the airport in the morning… she’s going to India for two weeks! So I’m off to bed so I can get up on time.