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In Which I Discuss The Hazards of Working at a Drive-Through Coffee Shop.

Just a quick post again today… I have a bunch of junior high & high school girls coming over to spend the night. It’ll be great.

These are my running (though that isn’t what I use them for… you will never see me run. Anyway…) shoes. I originally bought them to wear to work. I used to work at a coffee drive-through, and our stand was built back in the day when you weren’t allowed to plumb in– you had to be completely portable– so we had RV-style water & waste removal systems.

We had to fill a water tank inside the shop with water using a hose, and everything that went down the sink went into a portable holding tank that we then dumped into a special hole in the ground. Let me tell you… that blue waste tank was the bane of my existence. It was caked with sour milk and coffee grounds and gunk from the powdery mixes we used in our blended drinks. It was nasty, and it wouldn’t come clean, because it was like seven years of accumulated muck. So you would have to take the drain hose out of it, put a cap on it and wheel it over to the hole in the ground so you could dump it. It was heavy and it stank, and basically it was The Worst part about my job, hands down. Then one day the city started doing construction right behind us, and they tore up the parking lot that we wheeled the tank across to get to the hole where we would dump it, so it was just a big field of mud and grossness when it was rainy (which, hello… this is Oregon. It rains a lot). I would always wear flipflops to work, because that’s the way I roll, but after awhile of this rain and mud and getting my feet nasty (one of my biggest pet peeves), I decided I had to protect myself and get me some real shoes. And I figured while I was at it, I might as well get shoes that would last a long time, and be good arch support and all that stuff. So yeah. I went to Mervyn’s and bought this pair of New Balance whatever-sport-they’re-for shoes, and I wear them frequently now.

End of line.