just call me seven

And Now…

… A meme that I shamelessly stole from Maxie.

The perfect outfit: Holey jeans, long t-shirt, lightweight hoodie, flipflops, toe ring.

The perfect meal: Pad Thai

The perfect hangover cure: Don’t drink in the first place.

The perfect road trip: Portland.

The perfect facial feature: Eyes.

The perfect drink: Coffee from Stumptown Coffee Co.

The perfect song: Um… Lately I love “Another Believer” by Rufus Wainwright (from Meet the Robinsons… RENT THIS MOVIE. IT IS GREAT).

The perfect sign of affection: A hug, but it has to be a good one. Not one of those limp, weenie ones. Like, wrap me up and squeeze.

The perfect afternoon: Good food and a movie, followed by a nap.

The perfect vacation: I don’t know… I haven’t been anywhere, so really anything is fine by me.

The perfect invention: The bed. I love me a good bed.

The perfect type of wedding: Big and boisterous, but really simple and low-key. Just a whole lotta people watchin’ me get hitched, eating a lot of food and hanging out.

The perfect album: JJ Heller’s “The Pretty and The Plain.”

The perfect accent: Irish, like Jonathan Rhys Myers. Be still my heart.

The perfect date: I’ve only been on two… It would be nice if the next one was actually romantic instead of just a friend date.

The perfect weather: 65-70, no humidity, lots of wind. Slightly overcast.

The perfect party: Just a bunch of people at my house, eating food and maybe watching a movie or some Lost or something.

The perfect sport: The one that I don’t have to play.

The perfect thing to say: There is no perfect thing to say that could make its way out of my clumsy lips.

The perfect day of the week: Saturday.


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You are so right about the bed! Screw the wheel! I am surprised I didn’t realize that sooner.

Comment by Jess

I’m totally with you on the bed being the perfect invention. I couldn’t live without it!

Comment by Maxie

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