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Why I’m Pro-Life.
5 February 2008, 10:49 am
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Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer has written a great article called, “Why I’m Pro-Life.” Stop by and read it, hey? I think the post is thoughtful and well-written, and worthy of thinking about, and frankly, she does a better job of explaining a pro-life worldview than I ever could.


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I am decidedly not pro-life, but I definitely appreciate the explanation of the opposite perspective. Thanks for the link.

Comment by Jess

That was a good article. America in general is going further and further into a “I have a right to do this” mentality. It is a very selfish attitude to have, when we put our own “right” to comfort or whatever above other people rights (and I’m not even specifically talking about abortion). I think the best attitude we can have is “How can I selflessly defend the rights of my fellow human beings?” That is the principle our country was founded.

Comment by Michael

Jess: Thanks for the comment, and for being able to receive and appreciate another opinion.

Michael: Yeah, it’s sad. I think you’re right.

Comment by seven

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