just call me seven

In Which I Willingly Display Stupid Pictures Of Myself.

Oh My Stinkin Heck requires faces today… I shall oblige in order to (possibly) win some free jewelry.

Picture #1 I willingly snapped of myself, because we all know that faces you make on purpose are always more flattering than faces someone else catches you in the middle of, right?

Picture #2 is a photo that Smalls took of me yesterday, mid-cough. We were laughing, and since I’ve been sick, laughing makes me cough (wah, wah… poor me). So she managed to catch this “precious moment,” and I’m sure I’ll never live it down. She wouldn’t let me delete it, so what do I go and do? Share it with my precious Internets. I am a moron.

But anything for free stuff, right? So here you are… and try not to hit your head on the desk when you fall down from laughing so hard.


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