just call me seven

In Which I List Things I Love.

Things I Love:

Song I love: “Yes You Have” by Leeland, or pretty much anything by Leeland. “Inflammatory Writ” by Joanna Newsom (the video has two bad words… so beware).

Food I love: Pad Thai. Hummus. Falafel with yogurt/cilantro/jalapeno sauce. Basically anything foreign.
Thing I love to look at: Pretty things. The dresses in Pride & Prejudice. Anything that’s green or brown or a pretty color of blue. This:

“Wind” by Steven N. Meyers

Sound I love: A baby’s various noises. Music. Pippy’s giggle.

Thing I love to laugh at: Other people laughing.

Gadget I love: iPods.

Person I love: There are so many… I don’t even know where to start.

Software I love: The Gimp. Like Photoshop, only free.

Word I love: “Pwn‘d!”

Thing I love on the internet: Social networking sites.

Place I’d love to go on vacation: Ireland. Thailand (without the lame consequences Alice endures in Brokedown Palace). Great Britain. Indiana.

Sensation I love: Back massages.

Animal I love: Puppies of all kinds.

Book I love: Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Emotion I love: The kind that makes you cry because you’re so happy.

Occasion I love: Christmas. My birthday. Other peoples’ birthdays.

Quality I love in people: Kindness. Humor. Love.

Thing I most love to shop for: Used clothing… I love me some Goodwill.

And finally…

What I love about today: I took a shower for the first time in waaay too long, and I got perfume samples in the mail, so I smell pretty.

(Courtesy of Meg, whose blog I just started reading)


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